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The NTA Moana Portal is now open. 

The Ordering window will stay open until June 16th at Midnight.

NTA All Shook Up Order window closed, We are now starting the decorating process.

When no event/performance is running, the Rising Star, NTA Left Chest Print, and Theater Is My Sport pieces are available all year long. Please note that we generally will not print these immediately, as we work to batch orders together to keep the price point low.  IF you need your shirt quickly, please let us know and we will work to accommodate you.


You can reach our office at (309) 300-2772

NTA - Nitsch Theatre Arts (10)

NTAM24 - Moana 2024 - 50/50 Blend Lineup


NTA - Rising Stars


NTA - Tech Kids


NTA - Left Chest NTA Logo Print


NTA - Singapella


NTA - Essential


NTA - I can't, I have rehearsal.


Theatre Is My Sport


NTAS - NTA SIngapella Ladies Tee