Vinyl, Foil, and Other Heat-Press Decorations

by Jason Davenport on July 10, 2020

Heat press decorations can get a bad rap. They don't last as long, they peel, they crack... which can happen if you don't know what you're doing. Thankfully we've learned over the years and are constantly changing how we do things to make your apparel look amazing for years. 

The most common heat press decoration method we use is vinyl. If you've ever had a sports shirt with your name and number on the back, that's heat press vinyl.

We cut our own vinyl here in the office and have several colors available. Just for fun and variety we also have glow in the dark, DOT reflective, felt, and many glitter options.

Another very unique heat transfer method we use is something called an FM transfer. We send artwork to a company who screen prints on to a special paper allowing us to print unlimited colors (our press maxes out at 6) as a much more affordable option. After we recieve the FM transfer papers we press a test shirt to make sure we're happy with the results. Once we've decided the colors and sizing are exactly what we wanted we cut out the different pieces and heat press the artwork onto your apparel.

Foil is unique in that it can either be added to existing screen printing to add shimmer and shine or it can be added to a special adhesive vinyl that's heat pressed. 

We are also one of the few decorators that have an in house rhinestone machine. Our machine is capable up to 12" wide designs and our rhinestones are high quality that won't fall off in your wash. 

And last but not least is Weedless Transfers in which we print directly from a computer to a specialized paper with special ink that's then heat-pressed to another type of special paper... and then heat pressed to your article of clothing. This method is the most temporary of any we offer. The colors won't be as vibrant and it's prone to cracking after about 4-5 washes. We mostly use this to decorate infant and toddler sized items that the larger screen printed designs wont fit on. The thought process behind that is kids grow fast and will outgrow the item before it looks bad... and it's the cheaper print option for one-offs.

So no matter what your project chances are, we have something that will work.

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