by Jason Davenport on January 05, 2021

Here at JC Screen Printing we offer High Quality Glass Flat Back Hot-Fix Rhinestones

  • crystal clear glass material
  • various sizes of flatback round rhinestones
  • applied by heat press
  • we can make custom patterns for you
  • Unlike most decoration shops who only have 9" wide rhinestone capability, our machine allows us to design up to 12" wide! (maaayyyybe 13"?)


Hot Fix stones, also called iron on rhinestones, have a heat activated glue already adhered to a back. To apply these stones, the glue must be activated by heat and then applied to appropriate material. The rhinestones will attach to fabric when we use our heat press.

NOTE: We do have some colored stones in stock but once they're used up we'll only be offering clear stones. ASK if you'd still like color, we may still have them available.

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