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Think Zebra

Dear Family and Friends, 

Some of you are aware that I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Cancer a year ago. For those that haven't heard about this cancer I would like to tell you a little about it. Neuroendocrine Cancer is a rare type of cancer that is difficult to diagnose early because of the lack of symptoms early in the disease or symptoms that mimic other types of health issues, like IBS, Acid Reflux, Gall Bladder issues.  Many patients with NET/Carcinoid tumors do not know they have cancer until many years after it has started.  This fact leaves less treatment options for those patients, like me. Surgery is the only treatment that will "cure" the cancer if it hasn't metastasized to other areas. By the time I was diagnosed the tumors were not operable. There are other treatments but they are limited to managing symptoms and controlling the growth and the activity of the tumors. The tumors release hormones that are damaging to your body and have symptoms like pain, nausea, fatigue, digestive problems and later on heart issues and other organs being affected negatively. 

The month of November is NET Awareness month. November 10 is NET World Cancer Day. I am going to try to help people be more aware of this cancer by posting on Facebook different information and links to try to get people thinking about this disease during the month of November.  I am also selling T-Shirts that have the World Cancer Day date along with the "Zebra" cancer ribbon. The Zebra is significant to this type of cancer because it is rare.  I would love if everyone would order a shirt and wear it as much as possible during the month of November!! I want people to see you wear it and let you help me be a voice about this cancer. "Think Zebra"

God Bless, 
NET Cancer Zebra Apparel

All apparel will run true to size.If you would like to view a size chart please click HERE...

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