What T-Shirt Fabric Do I Want?

What T-Shirt Fabric Do I Want?

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We get asked all the time about different types of fabrics and weights for t-shirts and other apparel. These different fabrics can be a personal choice for people, or they can serve a function for active wear or weather related. To make it more helpful for you, we will break down the more popular types quickly for you.

100% Cotton

100% Cotton is one of the most popular choices for t-shirts. These types of fabrics come in the most colors and the most weights. Cotton is an ideal choice for everyday wear. Cotton’s will typically shrink no more than 7%, which most people will not even notice.

Price: $

Ring Spun Cotton

Ring Spun Cotton is much softer than the 100% cotton fabrics. The cotton strands are manufactured differently making them stronger and softer. Ring Spun Cotton shirts don’t shrink as much as 100% cotton fabrics. You will see Ring Spun sometimes referred to as “30 Singles”

Price: $$


Tri-Blends are some of the softest shirts on the market. If you are wanting a shirt that is extremely comfortable to wear, breaths nice and launders well, this is the fabric for you. Tri-Blends are a mix of  Cotton, Polyester, and Rayon. The Rayon gives the shirt slight stretch feel. These types of shirts will generally be more expensive than other cotton blends.

Price: $$$$


Polyester fabrics are a synthetic material that can be breathable, wicking, does not mold or mildew, wrinkle resistant and is easy to machine wash and dry. Some polyesters are treated with chemicals for better wicking of moisture from the body than non-treated polyesters. Polyesters will generally not shrink. Most polyesters will have a shiny appearance to them compared to cottons.

Price: $$

50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blend

50/50 Fabrics contain a nice soft feel of cotton, while having the breathability of the polyesters. These are nice fabrics to pick if you want a lighter shirt or one that breaths well while still being affordable.

Price: $