The Unusual And Super Cool Inks and Styles To Add To Your Shirt

The Unusual And Super Cool Inks and Styles To Add To Your Shirt

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Add that extra pop to you shirts with these exciting inks and styles.

    Recently we took some time to print a variety of specialty prints to show case to customers. We get a lot of questions from time to time about what kinds of printing JC Screen Printing can do, or how we can do something unique for their printed shirt. These samples were fun to print and it allows us to play in the shop, which we love to do when we have time…. yeh right…. we have time to play….. haha…..

    Over the years we have accumulated all kinds of really cool and crazy types of ink. Some of the more interesting ones are, Chalkboard ink. Yes you heard that right… chalkboard ink, just like you can buy in the hardware stores to paint your wall with chalkboard paint. They now make it for screen printers to put on shirts. Really neat stuff.

Another super cool ink is Glow-In-The-Dark ink. It’s great to combine with a print to give it that extra special touch when you are in a dark room or around black lights. The ink has a off-white yellowish look when in the daylight.

    We here at JC always love challenges for printing and look forward to printing different than the standard printings you see everyday. So next time you are ready for your event shirts, fun shirts, or anything shirts take a look at all the interesting things you can add to your shirts. Here is a list of those inks/styles we currently have in house:

  • Chalkboard Ink
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Ink
  • Neon Inks
  • Glitter Inks
  • Rainbow Printing (uses multiple colors of ink in the screen.)
  • Puff Inks (puffs the ink on the shirt a little for a raised feel)
  • Chrome Ink
  • Foil applications (gold, silver, red, blue, multicolor)
  • Rhinestones (we have a machine in house to handle up to 16 different colors and sizes of stones)
  • Clear Gloss (we lay a clear coating over your print which really makes it different)
  • Distressed Styles - (this is a combination of clear gloss, regular inks, and randomly distressing it with foil)
  • Discharge Inks (this ink literally bleaches the fibers to produce a white image that you can’t feel)
  • Silicon Inks (Great for items that stretch A LOT.. this ink has a 40% stretch ratio)
  • Weedless Transfers (Full color transfers for lower volume shirts. If you can print it off an inkjet printer… we can put that on a shirt!)